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3D Laser Scanning

We combine the latest technologies within 3D laser scanning with established survey methods and expertise to create a unique and complete offering for our clients.
3D Laser Scanning

Dimensional Control

Dimensional control consists of acquisition, processing and presentation of geographic and geometrical information.
Dimensional Control

Subsea Metrology

We combine and customize photogrammetry with other technologies like LBL, 3D modeling and subsea laser scanning to solve subsea metrology challenges for our customers.
Subsea Metrology

Offshore Wind Installation Survey

Installing offshore wind foundations demand precision surveys on the fly.
(skjult) Offshore Wind Installation Survey

Anko Monitoring Solutions

Anko offers a suite of monitoring solutions custom made for a range of settings. Each individual monitoring solution can be further adapted to fit client needs.
Position Monitoring System

Position and attitude control

Anko Maritime establishes a vessel 3D reference system. This coordinate system is based on the vessel centreline, rudder stock and reference plane based on main deck
Position and Attitude Control

Targets for Total Station

We develop and sell special total station targets for use when doing dimensional control.
Targets for Total Station