Dimensional Control


Dimensional Control

Dimensional control consists of acquisition, processing and presentation of geographic and geometrical information. The information is used as basis for construction, prefabrication and mating of constructions as well as verification and control.

Dimensional control includes:

- Offshore platforms, piping and structures
- Lifting and mating operations
- Petrochemical plants
- Subsea structures
- Alignment of machinery, pumps, fans,
  shafts etc.
- Helicopter geometry checks
- Guide rails and skid beams

Machinery Alignment

Anko Maritime has for many years been involved in alignment of machinery, pumps, fans, shafts etc. For this purpose the company has invested in the laser system, Fixturlaser XA, which is specially designed for such measurements.
Modern high speed machinery demands an accurate alignment to achieve optimal economy. Poor alignment leads to faults in couplings, seals and bearings. This is the reason for approx. 50% of all breakdowns. Poor alignment can cause power consumption to be as much as 15% above normal.