Position Monitoring System

Position Monitoring System

Anko maritime offers a suite of monitoring solutions custom made for a range of settings. Each individual monitoring solution can be further adapted to fit client needs. Our solutions monitor, log and secure that mission critical systems operate according to specifications.  

The user interface can be placed on the bridge, in an offshore control room and/or in remote onshore control rooms.  Position Monitoring System reflect the focus on digitalization and integrated operations in Oil & Gas.  Our solutions are designed to verify mission critical information and display the results in real-time to both offshore users as well as onshore support centers.
The BlomPMS™ (Position Monitoring System) increases safety during offshore loading of crude oil onto shuttle tankers. Various oil majors require the  BlomPMS for their shuttle operations, and more than 100 shuttle tankers worldwide operate utilizing our system. Online flow-monitoring, independent position monitoring and logging system, quality evaluation of position systems and drive off detection are also built-in features. 

The  BlomPMS™ system is compliant with specifications set by Equinor and Petrobras for shuttle tankers servicing their fleet of FPSOs.  It is also in compliance with requirements as per ‘Norwegian Oil and Gas recommended guidelines for Offshore Loading Shuttle Tankers’ as well as the latest edition of Oil & Gas UK ‘Tandem Loading Guidelines’.

The  BlomPMS™ is currently in use in UK, Norway and Brazil by all shuttle tankers servicing Equinor and Petrobras FPSOs in addition to a number of other operators in other countries.

The  BlomRPMS™ (Remote Position Monitoring System) increases safety during offshore loading onboard the remote unit such as an FPSO, FSU as well as on the shuttle tanker. The system display PMS panel information to the FPSO as well as compare and trigger alarms based on flow, shuttle tanker position and other data from the FPSO/FSU to the shuttle tanker.

Shuttle tanker integration with SCADA systems using OPC server for Rigs, FPSO and Platform is an optional feature. Flow comparison of FPSO discharged oil versus shuttle tanker loading oil. Fiscal reading from loading location and tank metering onboard the shuttle tanker for increased oil spill protection.

The BlomRPMS facilitates remote & integrated operations, enabling integration of FPSO/ST offloading/loading information which can be relayed and displayed offshore and/or real-time in onshore operation centrals.

The BlomRPMS™ system is in compliance with ‘Oil & Gas UK Tandem Loading Guidelines’ which recommends that all FPSOs/FSUs consider the use of a remote Position Monitoring System.  Almost all recent FPSO projects in UK and Norway have chosen to implement the ParkerRPMS solution, in order to satisfy the highest standards and requirements in regards to tandem loading operation.

The BlomOPMS™  (Onshore Position Monitoring Solution) works in concert with the PMS/RPMS system, and gives the onshore organization a 1-to-1 view of the information available to the FPSO/shuttle tanker (ST) bridge or control room during the course of a tandem loading operation. The BlomOPMS facilitates remote & integrated operations, and provides the same information and screens in real-time to the onshore support organization as seen by the crew offshore on the FPSO and/or ST.

All alarms triggered by deviations in loading flow, drive off, position as well as a range of other sensor information are mirrored in the onshore support center system. With this identical and visual reference base, the onshore organization can serve as an additional QC of the tandem loading operation. The onshore organization is also much better equipped to provide additional support to the offshore FPSO/ST during offloading/loading operations, which is considered a high-risk-high-consequence operation for the FPSO/ST.  The OPMS solution be adapted to receive tandem loading information from any FPSO or shuttle tanker servicing the operator.

Additional sensor data and adaptations of user interface (ex. fiscal readings, mooring tension, etc.) from the tandem loading operation can be added to the adaptable BlomOPMS platform, enabling the use of the solution as an integrated information carrier.  The BlomOPMS requires that the offshore FPSO and/or shuttle tanker has a BlomRPMS and/or BlomPMS installed.

The BlomEMS™ (Excursion Monitoring System) monitors and logs position and movement as well as triggers alarms on a vessel or rig needing to be in a stationary or close to stationary position. The main information source is existing DP systems, but other sensor information is also captured. 

The BlomEMS enable logging and documentation of sensor readings on structures like subsea wellheads, risers and anchor lines. The readings are consolidated into a one-stop solution which can be further customized to fit client needs.

The BlomHMS™ (Helideck Monitoring System) module can be included with the BlomPMS, BlomEMS and BlomSMS in one consolidated solution. The HMS monitors and logs roll, pitch and heave, as well as position, heading and the meteorological data necessary to determine viability of an airlift operation to a seaborne helideck.

The BlomLMS™ (Lift Monitoring System) monitors exact positioning of crane operated lifted objects as well as remaining distance to destination in the 3D plane. The screen view for the operator is distributed to handheld tablets used by lifting crew, and offers better control of the lifting process.

The BlomSMS™ (Supplyship Monitoring System) monitors, logs and displays the exact position, bearing and vital input and readings of the OSV/PSV/AHV steering system when the vessel is close to an offshore fixed or floatable installation.  Alarms are triggered when the vessel moves outside of set thresholds indicating risk of collision in regards to absolute and relative position, as well as bearing and speed.