Subsea Metrology

Subsea metrology

We combine and customize photogrammetry with other technologies like LBL, 3D modeling and subsea laser scanning to solve subsea metrology challenges for our customers.
Photogrammetry is a method for extracting 3D coordinates and dimensions from images. Our photogrammetry approach to subsea metrology is the most accurate method to measure distances and defining positions in the 3D plane subsea.  We also offer other metrology solutions combining other methods like LBL, reality modeling or subsea laser scanning to best solve the client challenges.

Spool metrology
Anko Maritime performs subsea spool metrologies using photogrammetry or in combination with other technologies and methods. We guarantee a distance accuracy better than
1:5 000 (10mm per 50meters) when the water visibility is 2 meters or more.
Metrology of other structures
We combine our photogrammetry solution with other survey methods and deliver metrology of templates, jackets, risers, hubs, nodes, flanges, piles, manifolds, clamps, caissons, spools, propellers, funnels, shipwreck hulls, structural dents, water pipes and more.  We can achieve accuracies up to 1:30 000 (1 mm in 30 meters).

- Millimetre and sub-millimetre accuracy
- Reliable results every time
- Fast mobilization and field work
- Additional dimensions without new field survey
- Same accuracy in all three axis

3D Photogrammetry

Anko Maritime creates photo realistic 3D models without the need of markers by combining subsea images with ROV positioning or other methods.
We combine our 3D photogrammetry solution with other 3D point data and methods (such as LBL/photogrammetry or subsea laser scanning) to re-construct and document assets and infrastructure. The method improves access to and management of information – especially for larger infrastructure assets like subsea pipelines.
We are continuously developing methods, which help our clients save costs and believe this approach and method will improve the ability to detect changes to inspected assets.

Subsea Photogrammetry and 3D Subsea Photogrammetry

Combination offering the accuracy of photogrammetry with a photo realistic 3D Photogrammetry model.
We are now offering subsea photogrammetry in combination with 3D modeling. Subsea metrology projects can be delivered with the accuracy only offered by photogrammetry, as well as a photo realistic 3D model of the subsea structure. The 3D model will have in-model accuracies at levels comparable to the achieved photogrammetry measurements.
We utilize the same source material enabling us to deliver both products with no or marginal changes to the offshore scope.